A Passion for Enabling Growth

Decades of experience building and optimizing organizations of any size


Scott Geffre founded TurnPage Consulting after working in a variety of roles helping companies found and grow internal product teams. He discovered a passion for taking early stage organizations past the initiation phase and helping them to rapidly grow while building the necessary elements of scale to ensure that they could maintain a rapid pace of expansion.

Scott has an undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and a MBA from Santa Clara University with a concentration in Leading People and Organizations. He has worked in various roles at HP, Cisco, Agilent, LSI, and Juniper Networks. Most recently Scott worked at Informatica Corporation where he founded and grew the Informatica Marketplace from a concept to a thriving ecosystem of hundreds of partners listing thousands of solutions. Scott was also a key part of the Informatica Cloud team, where he was responsible for driving scale initiatives for a business unit growing at near triple-digits each year.